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I have been a user of PalmOS devices since the very early days of the original "Palm Pilot." A few years back, I started building Palm applications, and naturally, starting using my Palm for documents that were related to the Craft.

I have assembled a small collection of these documents, which you can download from my servers. Brothers interested in helping to build this library, are welcome to send me their files, and I will include them here, with appropriate credit for their work. Just send me a note to:

You will find:

  1. A PQA for accessing the "What's New" listing on the E-M@son Links Web Site
  2. A DOC file with 100+ Graces and Thanks collected from the UKMason-List
  3. A DOC file with the book "The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns"
  4. A DOC file with the postings of "Rays of Masonry" (as sent over by Bro. Carl Johnson)
  5. A DOC file of Kipling's "The Man Who Would be King" (contributed by Bro. Guy Hayton)

For a collection of even more Masonic documents, check out this web page, that Bro. Gene Goldman, has put together.

Now DOC is a standard format for Palm-type devices, but it is not the same format as used by Microsoft in their Word product. You will need a separate application to be able to read the DOC files, there are several out there, most notably:

I've also done some work with Coola!, and have a demo app available that takes the one-page listing from E-M@son Links and writes that as a DOC file as well.

Here in Michigan, we have a version of the GL of Michigan "Blue Book" available for the Palm. (The Blue Book is our GL Masonic Law book). This DOC file is limited to use by our GL Officers, and GL Support Officers only. But many of them use the application, and have found it much handier than carrying around the entire text.


Last updated: 03/30/01

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